Mamadou Baldé

Mamadou is 13 years old. He came from Guinea-Bissau and now lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Mamadou loves football and basketball. For him, there are no barriers to forming a winning team.

Muhammad Munir

Muhammad is 13 years old and lives in Amadora, Lisbon. He likes to watch airplanes with his dad. He likes maths, English language and playing games with his friends. At school, he gets along with everyone, but sometimes there can be unexpected "little jokes"...

Sara Ali 

Sara is 24 years old, a computer engineer and lives in Almada.
At the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, Sara describes what changed in her life.
Outside, people no longer go for a stroll and cars cannot be seen.The living room now doubles up as an office and cinema.

Being with the family has become a challenge, difficult to achieve.
But, like with her academic degree, mostly men dominated, or with matters of religion, Sara believes in the strength of character and creativity to adapt to the most unexpected situations.

About the campaign “Community Heroes”

The central message of the campaign is that the local community is the right way for young people to take part in society. In the community, the young person can reconcile religious practice with community involvement in a healthy way. Therefore, the campaign will show how civic engagement provides resilience mechanisms, such as a sense of community and identity to more vulnerable youth through citizenship stories within the Muslim community.

Subtopics may include the following themes:

  1. Volunteering in Islamic culture;
  2. The values of sharing between different cultures;
  3. Sport as a form of community involvement;

The expected result in the long term is young people with a sense of identity, who feel that they belong to the local community and have a civic purpose.

Help the world

Our campaign is not only a campaign but a social movement which aims at replicating positive insights about fundamental rights, democracy and open society. Under the motto “raise your voice against extremist violence”, you will have the opportunity to have active participation in our campaign.

The fundamental question should then be: how can you be an activist to help us spread this campaign? Your activism includes but is not limited to sending us your narratives (text, film, media) is connected to the campaign’s main topics.